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Bill Treese - Behavioral Health Solutions


Bill Treese

Bill Treese has an extensive background in Post-Acute Care focused heavily on Ancillary Services and Technology. Bill started his career in healthcare in 2005 as owner ……..Read More

Kristina Kovacs - Behavioral Health Solutions

Executive Program Director

Kristi Kovacs

Kristi Kovacs has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and is currently the Behavioral Health Director for Behavioral Health Solutions. At BHS she oversees a team of mental health professionals …….Read More

Dr Anthony Quinn - Behavioral Health Solutions

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Anthony Quinn

Dr. Quinn’s interest in practicing psychiatry stems from a passion and desire to form meaningful connections with other people. Building self-esteem, increasing resilience, and……Read More


Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Nima Alinejad

Dr. Nima Alinejad currently services as our Chief Medical Officer and is a Board Certified in Psychiatry, Family Medicine and Medical Administration. He specializes……Read More

Michael Coffey Profile

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Coffey

Michael brings eight years of behavioral health experience to BHS serving as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining BHS, Michael served as CFO for two Springstone-owned …READ MORE

Debbie Leone Profile

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie Leone

A Lean Six-Sigma Black Belt with a healthcare focus, Debbie has a passion for building systems, processes, and organizations. Prior to joining Behavioral Health ..READ MORE

Josh Roberts Profile

SVP of Operations

Josh Roberts

Josh Roberts currently serves as a BHS board member and is focused on business development.  Josh has worked in the healthcare industry as an Administrator for over 12 years. READ MORE


LeGrand Lewis Profile

Board Member

LeGrand Lewis

LeGrand is the Managing Partner and Founder of Levitate Ridge Capital. He led the Behavioral Health Solutions investment for LRC where he serves as Chairman of the Board. Read More

William L. Dietz Profile

Board Member

William L. Dietz

William Dietz currently serves as founder and managing partner of Yukon Partners, providing mezzanine capital to middle market companies. William has experience ……Read More

Jonathon W. Bunker Profile

Board Member

Jonathon W. Bunker

Jon Bunker is an International Advisor for Optum in the UK and previously served as the Optum Mountain West Regional President. He has over ……..Read More

Christopher Christensen Profile

Board Member

Christopher Christensen

Christopher is a nationally prominent healthcare executive with over twenty-two years in the industry. He is the co-founder and Executive …Read More

Spencer Olsen Profile

Board Member

Spencer Olsen

Spencer Olsen currently serves as CEO and member of the Board of Directors for North American Health Services, which operates 35 skilled nursing facilities in California and…..Read More

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Behavioral Health Solutions is a healthcare group comprised of mental health professionals specializing in the care of individuals with mental health needs.

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