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Behavioral Health Solutions is now offering COMPREHENSIVE PSYCHIATRIC SERVICES to residents with mental health issues and diagnosable disorders requiring psychiatric intervention.
Our Prescribers are licensed, independent practitioners who are responsible for managing health problems and coordinating healthcare for the needs of patients in accordance with State and Federal rules and regulations and the nursing standards of care (assessment of health status, diagnosis, development of a plan of care and treatment, implementation of the treatment plan, and evaluation of patient status).

How our psychiatrists service you and your patients


We perform suicide, homicide, and self-harm safety protocols to decrease the risk of harmful and preventable incidents.


We manage problem behaviors and agitation with behavior management plans which can greatly decrease the number of patients returning to the acute hospital.


We focus on gradual dose reductions to provide up to date psychiatric medication management with treatment plans specific to each patient. This individual-specific approach improves health and well-being by decreasing the likelihood of harmful side effects including falls and decreasing the amount of drug-drug interactions.


We provide prompt coordination with other multidisciplinary team members and family members which includes assisting with discharge planning for patients who lack community resources.

Benefits of Medication Management through BHS


You are our top priority. BHS is focused on efficient scheduling and care that is patient-centric.


We are here when you need us. BHS strives to respond to all your needs in a timely manner. We are often seeing new patients within a day or two.


BHS offers comprehensive and effective care, including multiple treatment modalities and individualized treatment plans.

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Behavioral Health Solutions is a healthcare group comprised of mental health professionals specializing in the care of individuals with mental health needs.

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